Visual Error: Toolbar randomly blocks Timeline!


Recently I bought Cubase 6, everything is working fine except there is only one problem. I’m new to Cubase, so please forgive my n00byness :wink:. As you can see in the attached print-screen, the Toolbar is blocking my Time-Marker and a part of my first track. Randomly it shows up the right way, but most of the time it starts up the way as shown in the attachment. I tried many routes of starting it up; directly after starting the PC up, starting up Ableton – closing Ableton – Starting up Cubase or opening a Empty Project and then a f.e. HipHop Production, but there is no logical explanation as far as I can see why it sometimes opens up right and sometimes doesn’t.

I’m using Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit on a custom build computer:
Processor: Int Core i7-960 3200 1366
Motherboard: Asus Rampage III Extreme X58 WD
HDD: 2x 1,5TB WD1502FYPS (Raid 0 Config.)
RAM: Corsair Dominator 12GB DDR3-1600
Case: Cooler Master COSMOS Pure Black
Power-supply: Cooler Master 1000W Silent Pro Gold
Video: Sapphire 1GB HD5770
OS: Windows 7 Pro 64b

Sidenote: I did some minor tweaking like turning of Aero and choosing my video-card for best performance.
Sidenote: I’m running the latest version of Cubase (6.0.2.)

I really hope you can help me out!

Thanks in advance!
Cubase Error.jpg

I have the exact same issue from time to time. I empty the application folder to temporary fix the issue yet it always rears its ugly head sooner or later. I would love to have Steinbergs input on this.

Ah, so I’m not alone on this problem. Sent Steinberg Support the same question, I will post the reply as soon I get it (whenever that may be…) :slight_smile:

Still having the same problem, no reply from Cubase… The problem is growing, since every once and a while (once/twice a week) the problems comes up and my timeline get’s ‘blocked’. I try to remove the Defaults etc from the AppData, but most of the time that doesn’t even work… This results in me not being able to export (!) my projects, which results in going back to older projects or missing deadlines for my customers (!!)…

Please, can someone please help me out here?