Visual Errors - Nearly a Year On

Hi all,

I am growing frustrated at the small things which are wrong with Cubase 8. I keep getting a sense that it was unfinished when it was released, but I am worried that these issues are not being resolved.

For instance, there are visual errors which have not been fixed since day one. Firstly, when users want to have Windows with small window borders, an oversight in Cubase is uncovered where the Cubase window does not fill the gap which other programs would do.

Also, the MixConsole has some very shoddy errors as shown in the attachment with the orange circles.

Does Steinberg have any comment on this? I find myself having spent money to upgrade to Cubase 8 only to be reassured about how solid Cubase 6.5 was; but, I do like some of the advancements of C8. It is a pity that the build quality has been lost. Another frustrating issue is how the left/right locators do not follow the mouse properly when click and dragged.



I would recommend to try to Disable your preferences (and then probably delete it). I would expect, this is an preferences issue.

Thanks for the reply. What preferences do you mean? Cubase ones? If so, I have noticed the issues from day one of using version 8.

If you mean Windows, and resetting the window border width, I don’t feel I should have to do that to fix a Cubase problem.

Thanks! =)

Not sure if this is any cause of your issue, but I will say that I had problems with existing preferences files when upgrading to C8. First install had issues. I found that previous preference folders from previous versions caused problems.

I had to delete the preferences for Cubase 6 and 7 after installing 8. They somehow corrupted Cubase 8.

Then delete prefs for C8 so they rebuild to default when you restart Cubase 8.

Worth a try…

Yes, I meen Cubase preferences. I would recommend to disable it first, before you delete them. Hold Ctrl+Alt+Shift while Cubase start, to run into the Safe Start Mode, and select Disable Preferences then.

Or first, try holding ‘ALT’ whilst clicking on the Functions menu button, top right corner, and choosing 'Reset MixConsole from the drop-down… Has worked for some (not all) in the past…

Thanks for the posts.

Just to report back; the fixes suggested have not worked.

In certain situations when checking out the fixes, I would have to re-select the visibility for the master to on so I could see it in my MixControl. Once I exited the mix control and brought it up again, it showed most of the visual errors.