Visual Feedback for Modulation destinations


I would like to see some visual feedback when I move the halion quick control knobs…

Example: Filter - the filter section in the plugin visually does not represent the knob and vice versa (cutoff, resonance…)… Its like everything has its own way of doing things and hasn’t found a unified common ground yet (silly example, but hey…its ok;) )
(this can lead to interesting results, but there should also be a 1:1 mode :wink: )

Modulation destination feedback is important- for all steiny plugs i think… A different faded color for little ring of leds around the knob, one light that pulses in speed… anything really… - this really helps as one can see signal flow directly without having to search for what is modulating what if something is modulated … also, this can help when shaping the sound (seeing the range of movement that the modulation is affecting the knob by visually…)

just a thought… :wink:

Yes, very good +1