Visual feedback for selected note values

On desktop Dorico I have valued on several occasions the info line at the bottom that shows for example “Transposing; E#; up stem voice 1” and occasions when I have missed this info on the iPad.

In a staff that switches between bass; alto; and tenor clef and a has a key signature with cautionary accidentals automatically added by Dorico, it can be reassuring to double check that you’re actually dealing with the note that you think you are.

I am pretty sure that the developers have already thought about doing the desktop’s equivalent on iPad and maybe rejected something as obvious as drawing (a) depressed note(s) on the on-screen piano keyboard.corresponding to (a) selected note(s) … but some kind of confirmation would be useful on occasion.

The on-screen keyboard does indeed show you the pitches of the selected notes in the iPad version.

So it does. My bad. Sorry! Must have had the relevant part of the keyboard scrolled away off screen.

Any chance selected note(s) could be mirrored on the little “range selector keyboard”? It’d be nice to get immediate pitch confirmation without having to scroll up and down the bigger piano keyboard which negates the “immediate” aspect of feedback / confirmation.
Even with the piano keyboard scrunched up max it doesn’t help much when checking pitches of say piccolo and bassoon, or more usefully between transposing intsruments pitched far apart like Soprano sax in Bb andBaritone sax in Eb.
It’d be even more useful than the feedback on the desktop’s note-specific info if we’d actually get all the notes in a chord displayed. I’m only seeing one of the selected pitches in my chord reflected in the piano keyboard.

Just selecting all the notes being played simultaneously in a score and seeing them all “played” in the piano / “range selector” keyboard would be so useful for visually checking out harmonies and voicings especially where transposing instruments are involved.

I’m not sure about showing the selected pitches on the mini overview keyboard, but I’ll talk to the team about it and see what we collectively think.


It would be a great feature sometimes it is easier to look at notes being played on that small keyboard.


  1. Happily I was wrong (mostly) as multiple selected notes are “played” on the on-screen piano keyboard and so after all I do have an alternative view, another visual representation with which to check harmony and voicings - just (almost) what I was looking for “piano-reduction”-style.


  1. Whilst selected white notes are visible (if within chosen range of on-screen piano keyboard) by being greyed, the selected black notes are not visible. Could they be light-greyed?

And I’m also happy to say I was wrong about the range of selected pitches displayed on the on-screen piano keyboard (so long as they correspond to the white keys)…

The most scrunched-up keyboard can display both piccolo and double bass pitches.(See screenshot below)

Perhaps there are more extreme examples that won’t work. But here’s one that does.

Hmmm. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t.

I’ll start a fresh thread without my muddled preamble.

For future reference, please don’t start a new thread for the same issue.