Visual glitches while dragging Slash Region

Another annoying glitch here – screen captured. It occurs in the newest version that was just released (as well as the previous version) for Mac OS.

It’s hard to aim when your screen is jittering out this much. (2.8 MB)

Hi jzimn,
I suspect there might be an issue with the open time signature X following the slash region(?)
What happens, if you - as step one - select the region first, then - as step two - apply slash region afterwards via the menu?

It’s hard to guard against that kind of effect. If the changes you make to the music result in the casting off changing while you’re dragging with the mouse, there’s not much else Dorico can do, and it can’t spontaneously move your mouse pointer, which means that once the music has been reformatted, your mouse pointer is now in a different rhythmic position, and hence the music will be reformatted again, etc. etc.

You may well find it easier to drag these kinds of regions around in galley view rather than page view.

Can I offer a suggestion?

Maybe while one is clicking and dragging a region such as this, it doesn’t actually render it until you let go of the mouse. That way it’s not reformatting as it goes across every single tick of the rhythmic grid.

When I am dragging a slash region or a repeat region, there is literally no benefit to me seeing it convert in real time. I am trying to drag it from Point A to (hopefully) a Point B that I am already aware of, so seeing it fill in as I drag is completely unnecessary. Just highlight the region and convert it upon mouse release.

Just a thought!

See this thread from last year for more discussion.

Another way could be to use relative motion of the mouse. To the right is always prolonging, to the left always shortening. This way there is no direct 1-to-1 correspondence of mouse position to score position, but it would solve such problems.
Would it create new ones? Maybe. Will the team ever implement it like this? I doubt so, as they probably thought well about the way it works now