Visual Identifier for Manual Adjustments

I would like some way to visually identify objects that have been manually changed in engrave mode. Similar to how staff and note spacing change colour when they are edited. This would apply to things like slurs and other objects being moved, stems being flipped, manually beaming, accidental show/hide property. Essentially, everything from the properties panel that is not the default settings.

I would guess this would be done with something like a signpost, but (obviously) that’s up to the Dorico team to come up with a good solution.

Great idea. Though tons of manual adjustments would rapidly make signposts untenable.

Perhaps a view option that displayed those elements in a slightly different color.

Yes, that is how Sibelius handles this and I feel it works well.

I agree this would be useful. Sometimes I look at elements of the score and wonder if I need to adjust things in engrave settings or if I inadvertently made a bad manual adjustment. You can’t know until you click on the thing and check the properties panel.

Maybe show red handles on manually adjusted elements, like in note and staff spacing?