Visual improvement - study mark with bracket

I would like to have the study sign above the bracket 1. I think it looks better. Unfortunately, this can only be done by hand.
It would be a great help.


It might be easiest in this case to move the actual location of the rehearsal mark earlier in Write mode until the repeat ending drops down, then graphically move then mark in Engrave mode. I agree with your request though.

Ok, for one or two orchestra parts it’s no problem but for a whole piece with 30 parts and 15 songs a bit much manual work.
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I agree it’s not great, but until this option is available, it’s better than manually moving both rehearsal mark AND moving repeat ending down!

I have tried your suggestion. When I move the rehearsal mark to the left, the repeat ending drops down. Ok. I can move the rehearsal mark visually, but it is actually one bar before instead of bar 20 (now at bar 19). The graphical shift is only visual, not content, right?
Ok. thanks for the idea anyway…

Right, it is technically moving it semantically, which I understand is definitely not ideal. But if you have to move stuff anyways, it seems easier to just move one thing, not two!

We should also remember that rehearsal marks have absolutely no effect on playback, so it is not a semantic shift practically speaking. Especially if the rehearsal mark is moved back in engrave mode. This is merely a little hack to make it easier to do the graphical edits.

All correct. If it was a piece of mine, I would have placed the rehearsal mark somewhere. Unfortunately it is a transcript and this should follow the original. That was my problem, unfortunately.

Again, you absolutely can follow the original. Even shifting the rehearsal mark 2 8th notes will likely put the repeat bracket aright, and then it can be nudged back in engrave mode. The end result still follows the original, even if the arrangement of keystrokes and clicks to get it to look that way were more than a single click. There’s absolutely nothing “incorrect” in the end result, which, if the goal is to produce a physical score, then you get an A+.


If a system break is introduced for layout reasons at the barline which starts the 1st time bracket, the rehearsal mark will be in the wrong place. And if this is an ensemble, the location in all parts will have the same restriction.

So, all in all, I’d take the long route to making it look right, which is unfortunate.


I have tried everything but do not come to desired result, unfortunately…am exactly as far as at the beginning

many thanks to all

Ugh, I hadn’t thought about that. And a system break at a rehearsal mark is actually quite likely. Sorry Eggi.

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