Visual metronome

I’m using the Rec button for automation (e.g. CC1 &CC11), but I hate the sound of a metronome. Especially for expression work which is playing against an entered line and doesn’t need a metronome. What I use over in Logic is a MIDI Solutions Beat Indicator which is a device that takes a MIDI signal and flashes the beat on an LED, just like a silent metronome. The setup in Logic is the following
Screen Shot 2020-09-14 at 3.12.41 PM.png
The MIDI Click configures the beat to the same settings in the Beat Indcator. Easy and works great without having my head drilled by a metronome.

So I’d gently suggest at least a way to turn off the record metronome, a better solution would be similar to what Logic did, with the settings shown above. Specifically at least the ability to tweak the metronome sound more, and also the ability to send out a MIDI message as Logic does so that external gear can synchronize off of that.

Isn’t that basically what Dorico already has? Playback Options, Ctrl-Shift-P.

And you can even use your own sounds.

Thanks Dan, no that’s different. The Dorico metronome is always heard, though oddly you can’t change the volume. If you look closely at the Logic version there’s two parts, an audio and a MIDI - the MIDI metronome can be sent over a specific port. So you put your Beat Indicator on it’s own port, then send data to it for the metronome. Combined with turning off the audio metronome you can have a silent, visual only metronome.

Can’t you set the MIDI velocity to 0? I admit I haven’t tried.

In fact we already have this functionality in Dorico: go to Play-Mode, click on the first entry “Time” in the left column. In the case you have added midi-destinations you can select them here.
Midi-Metronom Dorico.png

Aieeeeeee! The more I use Dorico the more I fall in love, yes that is working now. Well not quite, the Monitor is getting the message but one problem is Dorico appears to be off by an octave on the note values. I’m trying to send C#1 which is MIDI 25, but 25 sends C#0. I have to put it at 37 which is normally C#2, but in practice that’s sending C#1. Otherwise something’s not quite right but I’ll figure it out.

So it looks like Dorico uses a different octave mapping for MIDI notes, I found a post or that seems to indicate that.


Hi RedtideMusic

You can change the volume of the metronome beep or click using the mixer slide control. “F3” for the mixer, or use the mixer button on the upper toolbar next to the “Show Video” button.