Visual Phenomenon

Screenshot 2024-05-27 124516

Any ideas why this might occur?

(I’m aware i can fix it in engrave mode)

Thanks, Nicolas.

Too little information. Were you to post a Dorico file excerpt of the system(s) surrounding this, perhaps we could do more than guess. It looks like too much has been compressed into a single system.

Yes you’re right @Derrek it is very minimal information. However my main question was regarding why Dorico does this by compressing 2 beats like this as a posed to the rest of the beats in the system compensating for the horizontal space in % . I know there a compensation for certain % in vertical situations like when the last page is (80%) then trigger a certain visual outcome. So, the question is, is there a system % value that one can set in order to avoid this kind of clash in the system horizontally?

What does the rest of the system look like?
How full is it?
Are there any manual note spacing adjustments?
Is there cross-staff notation in another instrument that’s playing at that point?

There are a few reasons for Dorico doing this sort of thing, but it’s not an every day occurrence. We’ll need more context to give specific help.


Thanks for the reply @pianoleo The issue is fixed by reducing the note spacing for the lower note values. But the question remains the same as i asked before.

Since we don’t know what caused this it’s hard to tell you what to do to avoid this in the future.


I think the idea of setting a system percentage is misguided. The width of the physical notes plus the values specified in the Note Spacing settings are the things considered in the system percentage. Put exactly the same notes on a system and adjust the note spacing settings, and you’ll see that the system fullness percentage changes.

It’s no longer a question on the issue because as i specified before its no longer an issue. Now its a question of settings.

If you want an answer, please share that portion of the file. Otherwise your lack of specifics makes one think we are wasting our time.


Frankly @Derrek nobody asked you to engage in this thread. So, if you find it heading in a direction where its wasting your time, you can simply stop engaging. Thank you.

You are contradicting yourself. You asked for a setting to avoid the issue. Therefore we need to see the issue.


Dorico won’t ever produce that kind of spacing by default, Nicolas, so it’s not unreasonable to ask you to provide the project itself in order that we can understand what you did to bring about that kind of result. If you don’t want to share your project, that’s fair enough, of course, but you must also accept that nobody will be able to give you specific advice for how to avoid this in future.


Thank you for your response Dan. Since it seems not possible to have what i suggested built into Dorico I’ll close this thread. Thanks again Dan.

I think you misunderstood Daniel’s comment. To paraphrase him crudely: only user action would cause the spacing in your example. Other experts have offered to diagnose what you did to cause it, but to do so they would need to see (at least part) of the project.

I’m sure you did not intend it, but your tone appears discourteous to those offering help.