Visual problems with printing/exporting scores

Since Cubase 9.5.10 I’ve been having problems printing scores, either with my printer (Laser Jet Pro) or to PDF (Adobe Acrobat). It’s a very strange problem as the first page prints fine but all following ones have messed up graphics on the top side (middle and bottom are fine). I’ve been having this with all my scores/projects. File included (please check the second page)

  1. Create project with MIDI

  2. Open it in the Score Editor

  3. Go to page mode

  4. Go to the Print menu and print it via printer or to PDF
    -> Result = messed up score

  5. Windows 7 64 bit XI Machines PC, Cubase version 9.5.10

I’m having the same problem. When I select print I can only print the first page when printing on an HP LaserJet 1320 printer. The rest of the score will not print. I can’t even select print page 2 only. Nothing happens. When I print to PDF, the printed score comes out as garbage, just a bunch of crazy symbols on the staff lines. I’m running Window 7 Pro on a 64 bit machine also.

How can I print the whole score?

P.S. When I went back to Cubase 9.0.1, I had no problem printing out the full score. So, it definitely is a Cubase Pro 9.5 issue.
Is Steinberg going to address this?

Yo tengo el mismo problema, no es que solo imprime la página 1, sino que lo que no imprime es la última página, bien sean 2, 3 , 4 y tan poco puedo exportar a pdf, mismo problema.
La única forma es: Archivo. exportar. partituras. y exportar página a pagina a archivo de foto.
He hablado con soporte y no me han contestado, quedaron de hacerlo pero no. por lo que supongo es un error de tantos que tiene el programa.

I have the same problem, it is not that it only prints page 1, but what it does not print is the last page, either 2, 3, 4 and so little I can export to pdf, same problem.
The only way is: File. to export. sheet music and export page by page to photo file.
I have spoken with support and they have not answered me, they have not done it yet. for what I suppose is a mistake of so many that the program has.

I have an similar issue with 9.5.10. 1st page prints (to XPS file) fine, then page 2 has no staff, only note heads… Any answers?

This is a known bug that shows up on Win 7 machines only.
Reported: CAN-12815