Visual size of samples in VariAudio

Visual size of samples in VariAudio. Why does it need to be changed every time I want to edit another take?
After all, how many years I worked in the 5th or 7th cube, then there was no such problem. I set myself a convenient size, and in all windows it remains the same for me.
But in the 12th cube, I have to increase their size every time, because I get tired of correcting their size every time

When you enter the variaudio mode on each new take, its size remains the same every time.


Do you mean the Horizontal Zoom Level?

Not! The whole point is in vertical magnification. GIF example.

In Cubase 5 and some later versions, I didn’t experience this problem.

I agree, it is very annoying that the default vertical size of the blobs in VariAudio is so small that you have to hit “h” (or whatever the key for vertical zoom is, I forget) several time to be able to work properly.

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