Visualising Side-chains

Before I spend any significant time researching this, I’m wondering if anyone knows of a quick trick.

I’m needing to export tracks for mastering, and my engineer is the kind that wants all individual tracks (which I don’t have a problem with).

The issue is however I use a lot of side-chains so if I simply export individual tracks, the side-chains will not be processed, meaning if the tracks are simply loaded into another DAW and played back, it’s not going to sound right.

What would be great would be if Cubase Pro could somehow visualise the use of side-chains so that I can easily see where I need to factor this in (OR be able to take the side-chains into account when exporting tracks - I can of course null-route the source of the side chains which causes them to be processed, but the issue is knowing which tracks I need to consider.)

Is anyone aware of an easy way or app that will visualise this or do I need to old-skool and manually go through every track and make notes?


I’m afraid there is no such an app (plug-in). This plug-in would need to have an overview about the whole routing in Cubase.

Btw, if the sound engineer asks for individual tracks, he is not going to make a mastering, he is going to make a mix instead.

Trust me, he’s just really thorough :slight_smile: Giving him the individual tracks lets him fix things at a more granular detail.

So he wants your mix plus stems for every track just in case? In that case print your effects when you make the stems. Unless that’s not what he wants because the stem without effects is easier to use for repair purposes. You should ask for more detail on what he wants. But you can make your stems with or without effects (or both) just depends on what is wanted.