Visualization Conflict Frequencies Tracks on EQ Master Channel

I would like to know if the equalizer located on the channel editor can be enlarged, at the moment it is not possible

And it would be nice if the equalizations of the other channels were displayed in the equalizer of the master channel in order to understand how the frequencies of each instrument interact with each other.


No, this plug-in window is not resizable, sorry.

Hi Martin, can I ask if you are a developer working for Steinberg? Your answer seems very safe, do you know if in the future they will give the possibility to resize the channel eq? I find the view limited, it would be useful to be able to enlarge it

from version 10.5 it is possible to display the spectrum of another selected track in the equalizer. which version of cubase are you using?

I have version 11 (11.0.41) of cubase, I know very well that there is the possibility to compare the equalizations between the various channels, but it would be useful that in the Master Channel you can compare all the tracks with each other and not just 2 at a time , there is a great plugins that does this i.e Hornet multifreqs

it would be nice if cubase implemented this function


In the past the Channel Settings Window was somehow resizable. But since (around) Cubase 8 it’s not resizable anymore. I don’t know the reason for it, sorry.

Please, add the feature-request tag.

sorry how do you enable the request tag? I joined this forum a few days ago


Click the pencil icon next to the thread title. Then you can find the feature-request tag in the optional tags list.

next to the title of the post, no pencil appears :frowning: