Visualizations for mp3s

Dear Forum Members,

Apologies if this is the wrong forum to ask such a question, but I thought I’d begin here. If another forum is more appropriate, please direct me.

I’m looking to add visualizations to mp3s of my music–something along the lines of the visualizations you get with Windows Media player (but it could also include real in addition to abstract images). In other words, I want a video that will play with the tunes I compose, something that I could upload to Youtube. Using various movie makers (mac, pc) takes a lot of time–gathering images, plugging them in, timing them with the music, etc. And I’m trying to find a program that will just do what Media Player does, but in a version that will save the images in video form.

Does anyone know if anything like this exists? Or if not, if there is a site/company that would provide this service at a low cost?