Vital Synth VST not working


I have some trouble getting the Vital Synth to work in Dorico Pro 5.
It doesn’t show up in the drop down menu like the other external playback engines like NotePerformer, Spitfire Labs and the like.

I have previously used it in Dorico 4.3 without problems.

Is there a possible fix to this?

No fix needed (for your situation maybe, but not for Dorico). Works fine. Dorico 5.0.20.
Not very scientific, but perhaps try removing the VST and reinstalling? Not very helpful, but it’s worth knowing its not a bug or defect in Dorico.

Possibly rescan your VST’s?


Welcome to the forum, Lasse. Is it possible that you’re using an Apple Silicon-based Mac, and you were previously running Dorico 4.3 under Rosetta 2, but are running Dorico 5 as a native app, and the Vital Synth plug-in only works when running under Rosetta?

This solved the problem. Thank you very much!

Aha. I guess its always better if people say what platform they are on. There should be a template for questions such as this that lets the user fill in platform and system details. I know that’s a bit hard in Discourse, but still.

Good that it now works!