Viva el Polymetric!

Maybe it could interest you good people that I made a little commercial for polymetric excersises using the excellent software Dorico’s polymetric possibilities. Please enjoy!

Wonderful! How did you create the video? Very nice.

Lovely -congratulations.

Göran, that’s a great little piece and a lovely video. I’ve just shared it via Twitter and Facebook. It’s so great to see Dorico being used even for simple pieces like this that would be much harder to produce in other scoring software. Thanks so much for sharing!

Thanks gentlemen, for your kind words!

ianpartridge: The video was made quick & dirty with my iPhone & an old GoPro. Exported png.s from Dorico, inverted them in Premiere and the rest is rock’n’roll.

It looks very professional - well done :slight_smile:

Hi Göran, excellent! The score we see on the video, has it been done in Dorico? If so, can you give a clue how to superpose different time signatures?

Wow! A beautiful and clever piece (these two don’t often go together), and a great way to show off Dorico. You have just brightened a foggy Sunday morning for us.

My wife is a music teacher and would like to give this piece to one of her students - would you be willing to post the Dorico file or a PDF?

Have a great Sunday!


Cool! How did you create the independent meters/barline positions?

Nice piece of music!
It feels a bit like jarrett in 7/8, Köln encore, well done!
And beautiful engraved in Dorico as it seems, yes it would be nice to examine the Dorico file.

Regards Ulrik

For help with producing a score like this, see here.

Great, thank you!

What an amazing feature. It’s a pity Ligeti didn’t live long enough to use Dorico :wink:

Hullo again, here you can find the score:

Please encourage your student to upload a video, that would mean a lot to me.

Thank you very much! I’ve passed it along to my wife - let’s see what happens :slight_smile:

That’s a nice worn out font. Which one is it?

It’s called “Old Newspaper Type”

Just a quick bump to inform you that due to popular demand (well, at least one person has asked) there is now a prog version of the Etude Polymétrique. Please enjoy!

:slight_smile: well, count me in as the ‘second in command’ in the popular demand. :wink:

Both versions are very good. I’ll stick with the first one because of the nice surprise factor, but any new versions(or new polymetric tracks) will be well received and of course already supported by me as a popular demand.