Vivi`s Blues by Tor-Bjarne Henriksen


Been a while since I played with my guitar as I have been busy setting up a small “Bean-to-bar” chocolate factory :slight_smile: - Anyway my Vivi`s Blues tune is dedicated to my wife (Been married over 40 years) as always comments are always welcome :wink:


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Hi Tor,

Well, that is a happy blues. Very fitting for the celebration of your marriage. Congratulations and may there be many more years ahead – and of making music, too!

All the best
Jonathan (only married for 35 years)

Really nice, as usual, my favorite part is the guitar. Could use your wife for a few audio tracks… oh maybe that’s a vocal library! Good luck with that chocolate factory, mr Wonka!

Hi Moggs, and early 21,

Thank you :smiley: - Moggs you actually beat me with one year I`ve only been married 34 years (According to my wife who corrected me (again)) but together for over 40 years - Stumbeling over the numbers in all 40 years anyhow.

Early - Yes Im mr wonka with the production capacity of ~9 kg chocolat pr 24 hour (a bit further to Willy I would guess ;) - As always Im very grateful for you comments and listening :smiley:
Yes still my new voice library from Steinberg, in this tune I increased the speed of the phrases to 150% still sounds natural (if you ask me)