VL 1.3.23 all inserts from Mixer channels have dissapeared in my projects

  1. All inserts in Mixer have gone from all projects.
  2. TH-U plugin stopped working, it loads to the insert but from “e” button I can´t open the GUI. I had to rescan all plugins to make it work again.
  3. Add a plugin in Stack or Mixer Inserts - change project, changes are not saved and no prompt to save.

Hi @diegoalejo15,

that’s really strange. Let me try to reproduce it. But I do not know which version you used before? I am trying it now with 1.3.22 and 1.3.23

  1. Uninstall VL
  2. Download VL 1.3.22 and install it
  3. Start VL, Select STACKS and add a Stack
  4. Load TH-U (VST3) to Insert Slot 1. Open Editor, load Settings. Close Editor
  5. Select MIXER, Select Layer 1 Channel, and Load Built-In “Chorus” Plug-In to Slot 1.
  6. Open Editor of Chors and change settings
  7. Save Project, Close VL
  8. Start VL again and load Project

All is fine. Now, let’s download 1.3.23

  1. Install 1.3.23
  2. Start VL, Select last project in HUB
  3. Select STACKS, TH-U is still there
  4. Open Editor. The latest setting is loaded correctly
  5. Select MIXER and Select “Stack 1” Channel
  6. Chorus is there and loaded correctly

So, it’s fine.

  1. Close VL, Start VL, load again last project
  2. Select MIXER, Select Stack 1 Channel
  3. Load “PingPong Delay” to Insert Slot 2. Open Editor, Change Settings, Close Editor
  4. Save project
  5. Close project
  6. Start VL, load last project. Select MIXER, select Stack 1 Channel

Chorus + Setting is there. PingPongDelay + Settings is loaded correctly. TH-U ist still there.

Where’s the missing piece of the puzzle? Are you working with VST2 plugins? Did you run an “older” VL version? Is the original project which was not loaded correctly there? Can we have access to it. Was “Scan Plug-Ins On Start” disabled?

Give us every detail you can think of. So, we can better reproduce it.


Not true with Stack plugin, but you are right in the mixer channel case, no warning for add or remove insert. Will fix.
Everything else - see what Micha said, confirmed here.

it is true for stacks inserts too.

  • new project
  • add Stack
  • insert plugin
    exit: warning

I have some VST2 plugins but the ones loaded were VST3.
I don´t have any other version installed currently.
Scan plugins on start was disabled.
I´m attaching one of the projects.
guitar.zip (34.1 KB)

I´m not sure if I upgraded from 21 or 22.

it works for a new project but not for existing ones.
so we are 1-1 :grin:

Indeed-you won :slight_smile: That’s strange, will fix asap, thanks for reporting.

Thanks for the project.
When you load it, do you have “Tuner” in Stack Fx1?

The problem is with Mixer inserts not with Stacks.

There are no inserts in mixer channels. Which channel is supposed to hold one?

Sorry I was mistaken. There are some which I don’t have.
There is one “Mark Studio 2”, does it not appear? Did you follow Micha’s suggestions and rescan?
Also you may try “Help/Clean all user Data”.

The first channel should have 4 inserts.

I´m not using MarkStudio anymore.
I did rescan plugins and that´s how I could use TH-U again but they didn´t appear again in Mixer slots.
What does “Clean all user Data” deletes? I don´t want to reconfigure all VL again.

There is only “Mark Studio 2” in the guitar.vlprj project you posted. Nothing else except the Stack TH-U plugins, and “Brusfri”.

It resets preferences to default, and rescans all plugins.

guys, I still have problems with TH-U which is my main plugin:
Add the plugin to an insert, the plugin is loaded but doesn´t work and can not open it.
I restart VL with option to rescan plugins then I can add the plugin and works ok.
I restart VL, the TH-U slot is empty and if I add it I have to same issue again.
Never happened until 1.3.22 or 1.3.23
Works ok in Cubase
Attached is one simple project.
bajo.zip (74.1 KB)

Added: also happens with GK amplification 3 plugin.

Not with any other pligins?

well, I have 200 plugins…but at least with many others is working fine.

Hi @diegoalejo15,

are you working with Windows or Mac?

And can you please find the following folder …

Mac : /Users/YOURNAME/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/VST Live
Windows C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\VST Live_64

… zip the folder and give it to us?

Thank you,