VL 1.3.23 all inserts from Mixer channels have dissapeared in my projects

Windows 10
Find the attached files.
VST Live_64.zip (38.7 KB)

… thank you, @diegoalejo15. Was there an update from TH-U in last weeks, months? Anyway, there can be something wrong. We need to analyse it. We’ll hurry and return to that one here.


yes, about a month ago there was an update. I think the last one is 1.4.21

… no, I was wrong. I cannot find something wrong in loading plug-ins.

… can you please give us some more details here? It is loaded, but does not work? What does that mean? You can see the editor but it will not process any audio?

In one of you project I’ve seen that the plug-in-slot with TH-I is disabled.

Make sure that the slot is enabled (left control in the slot) and get’s “blue”.

@musicullum mentioned it. Currently there’s a bug …

  1. Load Project
  2. Add Plug to Insert
  3. Close Project

… you won’t be informed to “save your project” because something (plug loaded) has changed. Maybe that’s the problem here and that’ why …

… the plug is not loaded the next time?

Can you please try this

  1. Start VL, Create New Project
  2. Select STACKS
  3. Add a Stack
  4. Load “TH-U” to Insert-Slot 1
  5. Save Project and Close VL
  6. Start VL, load last project in the HUB

Is TH-U loaded correctly?


no, creating a new project doesn´t work either.
when I load TH-U I see this:

but can´t open the gui with “e” and the plugin its not working.
Anyway I save the project and reload VL, I see this:

… for your information :. @diegoalejo15 and I are talking offline and we’ve found something. The VST3 database of VST Live has double entries of “TH-U” and “GK amplification 3”. And two entries are pointing to paths which are not existent. We’ll analyse and fix it.


Out of curiosity: why would you want to insert an amp sim in the Stack channel, instead of the Stack’s own Inserts designated to this purpose?

… we’ve fixed. If the Preferences …

… is disabled, there can be problems when the plug-in path is not valid on the hard disk. Like : The Plug-in was un-installed or the file plug-in binary was moved. In the case of @diegoalejo15, there are multiple entries of the same plug-in with different patgs and VST Live has not checked if the path is valid.

Anyway. Fixed now. Please try it with the next version.

Thank you very much for your patience,

Simply because in Mixer channels I have Actions and shortcuts to edit inserts but we don´t have them for stacks.
As unbelievable as having QC actions for stacks but not for Mixer channels.
Plus I can save stack´s insert slots to add more plugins that go before in the signal chain.(4 is not a huge amount)

deleting plugin xml files solve the problem, many thanks.
Side note: scanning VST2 Ujam virtual pianinst VL got freezed and had to cancel the scanning.
Don´t care just FYI

Ok, why didn’t you say so :slight_smile: We may add actions for Edit Inserts 1-4, and Edit Fx 1 and 2.

I requested it a couple months ago…thanks!

Coming next version.

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To make things tidy and complete could you please add these shortcuts:

  1. Change Mideditoutput (in layers) to “instrument edit” or something that everybody can easily recognize?
  2. Add FX1 and FX2 (in stacks) edit and enable shortcuts
  1. ok, on our list.

Do you really need this? We added insert edit in the last version and found rare use for fx edit that would be sufficient to add more items to the already long list. But your mileage may vary.

it´s not something I use all the time but in some songs it´s useful to enable or disable a FX with a shortcut. Anyway I can add it as an insert to the Mixer channel and assign a shortcut there if it´s too much work load for your team.
I think that the more shortcuts we have the easier is to play live. It´s really fun to control VL from a tablet with Touch Portal

Right you are. Coming with the next version.

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