VL 2.0 Flexloop/song track

I find some inconsistencies in this new feature, maybe I´m not understanding how it works:
1- I can split a part in Song track but I can´t glue them
2- The manual ( which I had to read because I couldn´t make “cycle markers” work by my own) says that the flexloop can´t be longer than the part but this is not true, I can make it longer.
3- Flexloop does not work for Part 1
4- I can´t find a way to match the part lenght which I guess is the most common duration desired.

Hi, as I see, I need just delete the unneeded one. Does this work you too?

How so? I can’t. “longer than the part” - here, “length of a Part” denotes the distance from one Parts’ trigger time to the next Part with a trigger time (if any).
But we consider allowing loop durations across parts for “repeat” type of functions.

Fixed next version

Set loop Duration to desired loop length.

I can´t do that from the Song track, I can just cut the part from the left zone, too complicated, why can´t just erase the part or glue them in Song track?.

just set a duration longer than the part and the flexloop extends to next part.

how? do I have to count bars and click in Duration and insert the value? Couldn´t be a simple double click in the part to set the locators? Wouldn´t be easier to set the duration by moving locators?

… Edit to the Loop-Duration to 0. Change the Loop-Count to OFF. Now change the Loop-Count again to 2, 3, … ∞. That means if the Loop-Duration is 0 and the Loop-Count will be changed, the Loop-Duration will be the length of the Part.


… tricky one. Imagine you have a Part_1 with HALion Sonic and the next Part_2 with Padshop. What should happen when you glue the parts? And what about all the Part Parameters?


cool, it works (this should be in the manual)

I don´t want to glue parts I want to glue Song track parts (cycle markers).
The opposite of splitting, there must be a command for the reverse operation or the chance to erase it if I made a mistake, no?

Will there be a way to select specific song part with a midi message? Currently I can select next and previous but not directly go from part 3 to part 1 with a single control message.

Select Part. data 2 is the index, i.e. 0 for first Part, 1 for second and so on.

It could be done if all conditions of both parts are met, as Micha said, you cannot glue Parts with different…well, anything, Layers, Stacks, Modules, Track orders etc. It’s too complicated to figure that out.
If the split was a mistake, you can simply delete the second Part that was added, that should give the same result as glueing, or use undo.