VL 2.0 Focus control module

The Focus control module has so much potential but it´s so rudimentary
1- Buttons, knobs should have text already embeded, if left blank it shows nothing
2- Group/ungroup elements to move them together
3- Option to duplicate elements/groups for fast workflow
4- Focus module should retain it´s position when saving a project
5- Issue with saved focus presets:
Create a preset, save it.
Modify the preset and save it with another name
When opening the first preset it´s the same as the second one, it has been modified
6- Issue: global focus does not keep editor open and every time I open a project I have to open it from “e”

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Hi @diegoalejo15

… there’s a TEXT widget. That’s not enough?

… yeah, good ones. Coming soon …

… you know the option to show the focus control when the part will be activated?

Screenshot 2024-04-20 at 20.32.58

… that should help you, no?

… yes, sorry, I can reproduce it. And we’ll fix it.

… strange. We’ll fix it.

Thank you,

If I want the text inside the button I have to add the layer, position it inside the button, redimention it, bring the button to front. to edit it…please add text.

yes, I can make it visible but when re-opening a project it´s not in the screen postion where I left it, I don´t want it in the center of the screen, it would also be nice to be able to show it in lower zone.


…we’ll think of something. Give us a bit.

… it’s a bug and fixed now. The problem is that you need to close the editor before you save it. Then the last position of the editor will be pushed to the save state. Next update.


Found more bugs in Focus control:

  • Many category actions missing
  • If there are 2 stacks there are i.e. 2 “Solo” or “Mute” actions and no way to know which stack they are refering to. They should labeled Solo1 or Stack1 Solo , etc

Hi @diegoalejo15

has already been reported here by @Heyo for LAYERS and Spork already replyed to that :wink: Focus Control