VL biggest issue for me

The biggest issue that I continually have with VL is with it’s poor integration with Cubase and track timing. If I have a Cubase project that has a lot of edits in it, it seems the only that I can ensure the timing of the audio tracks with each other is to perform a “render in place” in Cubase to create a new set audio tracks for the project. To me, this is unacceptable. I feel that VL should be able to consume a Cubase project and maintain perfect adherence to all the track timings and edits so that it will play back EXACTLY as it had in Cubase. I’m not sure if you are aware of this issue, but to me, for many, it may be a “show stopper”. I believe this is a fundamental issue which deserves serious attention.

… could you please give me access to an example Cubase project which shows the problems?

Thank you,

Okay - not surprised by your request - I’ve “fixed” most of my projects, so it will take a bit to create one to reproduce the issue. I’ll get back to you as soon as I get one for you… -e

If you use non destructive editing or set tracks in musical time to warp audio or change tempo, or you transpose tracks from info line or master project pitch, when you export to vst you loose all the real time edits. The exported project will be in original audio files tempo and pitch. I too had to render in place like 40 cubase projects to export the rendered tracks to vstl.

Thanks - yeah, I use the non-destructive editing. I don’t do much warping but I normally use the Cubase tempo detection to create a tempo track. Maybe I’m hoping for too much from VL. Thanks for the reply to my post… -e

VST Live does no time warp yet. As this is a realtime function in Cubase, the stretching/squeezing will not be transfered to VST Live, you will have to render those tracks beforehand, sorry.

@ericwentz to be honest, looking VL as a “showrunner” / “backing track player on steroids” it’s better to bounce tracks instead of keeping any song in DAW style fragments, edits, etc…

I’m also on that side it should just play the tracks as stable as possible… and to bounce/consolidate songs is first step for me.