VL changes "pgm change data" on import from cubase


It does not change it. That is just a very old and ongoing problem of how MIDI Program Change is to be received and sent (byte value starts at zero), or displayed; for the latter, either the byte value is displayed, or a “human representation” which starts at one instead of zero.
In Cubase, you cannot insert a Program Change Data 1 of 0 (zero), it will start at 1. In VST Live, it is displayed “as is”, starting from zero. There was already some discussion, we decided to keep it that way so not to add to the confusion.
Btw. Data2 has no meaning for program change, as it only features one data byte, as opposed to every other MIDI channel message (except aftertouch).

ok, now i know i have to set “Data 1 +1” in cubase