VL does not start any more

I had the bad idea of enabling plugin scan to add a new plugin that I´ve installed. VL crashed while scanning and never started again.
Started it 5 or 6 time (waiting for 2 or 3 minutes to scan plugins each time), nothing.
Rebooted my PC (Windows 10), nothing.
Reinstalled VL, nothing.
Really annoying! Just imagine if I was just to play live!
At last I decided to delete VST2 plugins folder trying to isolate the issue. I know all my plugins are working ok included the new one (Overloud THU).
This time VL started, I at once disabled the scan plugins at start option, close the app, add the VST2 folder again and start it again, it started up without issues.
Which was the issue? I don´t know!

By the way, I found other buggy behaviours:
1-When adding 3,4 stacks some sometimes lose the input signal. I restart VL and they all hear ok.
2- If I Solo some of them then they enter a weird state in which they only can be in Solo or Mute state, you can´t go back to normal state (nor Solo, nor Mute stacks).
3- When loading a saved stack you can´t edit it changing the instrument.

Wouldn’t install a new plugin on stage…
Try “Help/Clean all user data”, does that help?

So it’s a plugin issue, just let us know what you installed so we can try to reproduce it.

Did you update to VST Live version 1.0.20 already?

cannot reproduce, tried several Songs with multiple Stacks and solo some of them.
May have been fixed with 1.0.30, pls check again then.

Yes I have 1.0.20.
I don´t know if it´s a plugin issue. The new installed plugin it´s a VST3 one and I deleted VST2 folder when I could finally start it. Besides, all my VST2 plugins where working before and are working after the issue.
Moreover, VL should blacklist or bypass a plugin that it “doesn´t like” not crash over and over again without being able to start and scanning all plugins again in a loop…
It could also have an option at starting to bypass plugin scan (as Cubase does has)

It could also leave a log to know which plugin is causing issues.

I had that issue, too.
In C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\VST Live_64 you find one or more vstXX.xml files.
After deleting them VSTlive should start again.
Had that with Vst2Plugins.xml (I don’t load them anymore)
and with Vst3Plugins.xml after a crash of EZdrummer3.

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It should actually do that. Could you send us those xml files?

Edit/Preferences/Studio/Scan Plugins on Start

It should actually do that. Could you send us those xml files?
If it´d do that then it wouldn´t be crashing over and over again with a plugin that “does not like”. I had to manually exclude plugins and even the whole vst2 folder to be able to start VL.

Edit/Preferences/Studio/Scan Plugins on Start
To activate or deactivate that option first I have to be able to start the app.
I mean something like ctrl+alt+shift during starting as Cubase has.

That’s exactly why we’d need to examine it to find out why it doesn’t, as there is provision for it to do so :slight_smile:

Here they are.
As an example, Bass station vst2 crashes VL, it is not blacklisted.
Jupiter 9 vst3, VL stays indefinitely scanning it, I have to end the process, exclude the plugin and start the app, but then the plugin works fine.
Overloud THU vst3, was the one that originated this post when I installed it. Don´t know which was the problem, the plugin is working fine too.
Another thing that I don´t understand is why Cubase takes 20 seconds to scan plugins and VL 3 minutes…
Vst2Plugins.xml (58.0 KB)
Vst3Plugins.xml (296.8 KB)

Thank you! There are several VST2 plugs which it “didn’t like”, we will examine. What concerns me is the VST3 Roland 909, running just fine here (Windows 11, VST Live 1.0.31).

very strange…other Roland plugins working fine.

How does Bass Station crash your system, scanning, opening…? And is it the Mono, or Stereo version?
I can run both Bass Staion (Mono and Stereo) fine here (Win 11). Same for qyooo both VST2 and VST3 (64 bit), and TB303, all of which have been blacklisted in your file. Wonder what’s different with your system?
VOLA does crash when beeing opened, that’s within the plugin itself. We continue to examine, if you know of any “specialties” with your system we’d ceratinly be wanting to learn, thanks.

Previously Bass station crashed VL while scanning plugins, now it does not but it crashes VL if I try to insert it into a layer, weird. Dont care I don´t use it, Vola either.
TB303 is working.
The only special thing in my system is that I have Windows 10 N version. Anyway, all those plugins are running fine in Cubase.

Thanks, we are on the case.

Yesterday I enabled “scan plugins on startup” again after a couple months of having it disabled as I´ve added some new ones.
VL crashed while scanning VST2 plugins over and over again and I couldn´t start VL until I moved the VST2 plugin folder. It´s unvelievable that this is still happening!
All those plugins are working ok in Cubase and other DAWs.
Despite which is the one causing trouble (I won´t spend time again testing and narrowing
the list) the app should blacklist it and continue loading, it could never happen that it does not start anymore.

… I am really sorry, @diegoalejo15. But we need to find out what’s happened. And your xml files will help us. Could you please give us access to those file? They are located here.

C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\VST Live_64

Thank you,

Vst2Folder.xml (85 Bytes)
Vst2Plugins.xml (60.9 KB)
Vst3Plugins.xml (366.4 KB)

Another really weird and annoying thing is when I open a project and the screen vanished up to 10 seconds, during that time I never know if the program has crashed or it´s loading…
Can´t get used to it.

Possibly there is a progress bar or dialog box hidden by other windows, check your taskbar for this.
Then check if in File/Preload… the “Always Preload” flag is set. In that case, all presets are pre-loaded, but that is guided by a progress bar. If all of this does not help, we suspect a plugin taking so much time, as VST Live starts very quickly on its own. Do you see the spinning cursor?
If you still can’t solve it it would be great if you could send your .vlprj file - no audio, video or MIDI files needed, just the project file. Thanks for helping.

“Always preload” is activated and I see that progress bar in a larger project but in a small project with a couple layers, a stack and nothing else I see nothing. There´s no other program running, no dialog box nor spinning cursor during some seconds. I´ve tested different plugins, it doen´s seem a plugin issue, VL doesn´t have a splash screen or an upper bar (as Cubase has) when loading a project to show at least that it is alive and doing something.