VL mods - notes

I want to use “Notes” to send infos to the drummer just in time via mods. But i can set the “Time anchor” where i want, notes is not moving at all. also when i insert a picture its not shown in VL mods. what i’m doing wrong?
(VL 1.4.10 win 10, VL 1.4.11 mac os 12.7.1)

Mods Notes don’t currently follow transport yet, we are on it.
Will check reg. pictures in Notes. Also see 1.4.9 "Notes" - no cursor for text entry - #10 by musicullum

sorry, didn`t see …
just one thing: the zoom bar in Notes is very hard to use (on a 10" ipad) maybe there is a better soltion in the next version
2 finger would be good