VL not opening the project I saved

Spent weeks on a setlist for VL and now I cannot open the file? When I import the file nothing happens sooo disappointed it opens other earlier projects that I’ve saved

Hi there, could you pls. be more specific so we can better help you. What kind of file, what happens, or doesn’t happen? Can you send us the file so we can examine it?

Sure it’s a VLPRJ file for some reason it won’t open up when selected on startup or in the program I’ve just reloaded VST live again thinking it was that how do I send you the file?

You can send me a PM and attach it.

It’s not letting me attach file it’s saying not authorised

ok, send to m.spork(at)steinberg.de, thanks!

File hopefully sent ……I’m playing next Fri and was hoping to use VST live for the first time….
not sure now that will happen

To clarify the project file does open in VL however its completely blank and empty and appears to have LOST of all the hard work put into the project

… I haven’t received anything yet. Try to zip the file and send it again.


My email outbox indicates the file as been sent to you?

It’s a bac file Michael that I have sent

… there we go. I received it. Let’s analyse it now,

Nice one …good luck !

Many thanks Michael for your support and quickly sorting this out for me. The fix that Michael did was to use the . BAK file and rename it with a vlprj extension. He said Sometimes the save process can go wrong and the bak file created by the program represents the last stable version of your project. So hopefully I will be using VL next gig which at the mo I’m just using it for extra layered sounds to my keys and my backing vocals but hopefully in the future plan to run a lot more on the VL.

Thanks. While that is true, it would be great if we could look at the damaged project to check what went wrong. The least we want are crashes and corrupted files.