VL sometimes starts and other times it doesn't. The OUTPUT and Lyrics not appear

Sometimes I have to start VL seven or eight times (sometimes by restarting the computer) to get it to boot. The splash screen appears, checks the license, checks the plugins and suddenly stops at “Halion Sonic —> passed” and after a few seconds it disappears without booting.
Finally, when I get it to boot, several of the output buses have disappeared. I go into the audio connections and have to recreate them. The problem is that in the mixer the OUTs created no longer have the original sends and do not receive the audio. I have to re-assign the sends to the OUTs (a bit of a hassle when the setlist consists of 22 songs).
My computer is Windows 10 (i7) and I have other Steinberg programs installed without problems (Cubase Pro 12, Weblab 11 among others).
I’m also having another problem with sending the lyrics to the iPad. The setlist starts and appears perfectly but when the next song starts, the lyrics do not appear on the iPad screen. I have to close the app completely on the iPad and then it reappears. But the same thing happens with the next song.
I need help, thank you.

… it sounds that some plug-ins trouble VL. Could you please locate the following folder
C:/Users/UserName/AppData/Roaming/Steinberg/VST Live_64
Please zip that folder and give it to us.

I’ve tried …

  1. Start VL, Create New Project
  2. Select MIXER
  3. Add OUT Channel (OUT 4)
  4. e(xtend) the Song 1 channel
  5. Select “OUT 4” in “SENDS” slot 1
  6. Save project, close VL
  7. Start VL and load project

… everything’s fine. Can you give us an easy repro?

… confirmed, that’s a bug. Sorry. We’ll fix it.

Thank you,

Hi Michael, thanks for reply
VST Live_64 compress.zip (13.4 KB)
I attached the zip file

In relation to the OUT, curiously, the 4 is never unconfigured. They are the OUT 5 onwards. They don’t get the audio from the AUX sends and I have to delete the send (eg from the bass track) and reassign it.

Tried everything could think of. Are you sure your “OUT5 onwards” have assigned a bus?

… it’s fixed now. We are trying to push the update through the App-Store very quickly.


Great! Thanks. This issue is very important for vocalists.

I have to check this issue again. It may happen only when you’ve changed your sound card and opened the project. Ideally, you should only assign the new audio channels to the buses already created in the project (in the “Connections” menu) but the problem is that, when I do, the sends to the buses created in the “Mixer” section did not work. I had to delete them and reassign it to receive the audio.
As I say, I’m going to check again that this happened with an audio card change. I didn’t really change the driver since they were both Yamaha consoles that use the same driver in Windows but in the control panel of the audio driver it does change since they have different channel settings.

Thank you. A change of the audio device should not break a send to an Output channel.
As a first step we should see how it works with the update.

The VST Live Mods update is available

Great! Thank you very much for the quick! I’m going to try right now

Already tried. Good job. Lyric sync works perfectly on every song change. Thanks!

By the way, two issues or questions about lyrics. First, I don’t know if changing the font size in the program is intended to affect the size in VST Live Mods as well. Currently it doesn’t happen when I enlarge the font on the iPad it doesn’t enlarge. And second, the view of each line of lyrics blurs out a bit of the bottom of some letters (ie, p or y). Due to the writing background, I think it could be fixed by centering the text in height without the need to expand the writing background. Thank you!

Apologies. The second issue was my mistake. It works well. You can see perfectly the bottom of the letters.

… Thank you! I do see that you Waves Plug-Ins are not accepted. Correct? We’ll check that. But …

… is that always true?


It may be that I have several versions of Waves installed (12/13/14). In fact, I removed version 11 when I had problems because I saw the splash screen stopped when reviewing this version of Waves. On the next try, the splash screen ran longer checking until the message “Halion Sonic → passed” appeared.

Not really. Sometimes the first time it’s working. For example, I was checking out the new version of VST Live Mods right now, and VST Live opened on the first try.