VL2 audio issue

I recently noticed an “interesting” behavior in VL. In dealing with the track editing issues that I’ve talked about before, I rendered the tracks in Cubase (and deleted the original files) and then re-exported the VL project. (replacing the original file). When I started VL with my project, there was no sound. I had to remove the song and re-add it into the project - realizing after a bit that the files had changed…
Here’s my suggestion: if VL cannot find an audio file (or any file that it expects for that matter), there should be a warning message indicating the missing file - rather than just silence.

There should be a „(Media offline)“ indication, no?

Hi @ericwentz ,

with audio files, were the files exactly the same named audios (just updated), or different size, name, etc?
There is the peak file for the wav. I used to delete peak files when doing such name:name changes (same size, place, etc…), deleting peak file (better before starting VL, or keep updated song unloaded … like navigate to different song then back). In my experience that forces VL to re-create peak files :slight_smile:

I hope this trick will help you a bit.

They were actually different files - I had run them through the Cubase “render in place” process and “-01” was appended to the file name. I did not think to delete the peak files and I just checked that Cubase does not clean up the peak files when the unused files are removed from the pool.

Yes, something like that would be helpful. - thx…

Is that in reply to “there should be an indication…”? Because “should be” is supposed to mean “there is” :slight_smile:
If an event is missing its media file, this is currently indicated like so:


Okay - normally, I’m in the mixer or lyrics view and missed that indicator - thanks. -ew