Vln I/II sub-brackets with complex divisi

(Dorico 4.3 here)

Some searching has revealed that many people have brought this up before, but I can’t seem to find a clear answer other than manually messing with every page’s bracket in Engrave mode (yikes).

It’s standard in old scores to sub-bracket Vlns I and II, for sure. But when dealing with more modern scores with complex divisi, the distinction between the instruments gets quite confusing, as follows:

Yes, with a close look, it’s understandable, but what you don’t want is a conductor cueing the wrong group because it’s not immediately apparent at a glance.

I realize that in Layout Option > Brackets and Braces, one can use ‘no secondary brackets’ in ‘instruments of the same kind within a bracketed group’. But of course, if using this option, all the sub-brackets disappear within the strings and every other instrument family, making the score really hard to read.

Shouldn’t there be some simple way to give Vlns. I and II their own sub-brackets? Thank you.

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Can you customize the brackets for those systems in Engrave mode?

Yes, I can do that for the whole score at the end. But just to be clear, there is no way to change a setting so that Dorico treats my Vln I and Vln II as separate, but sub-bracketed, groups?

Hi again,
With a little more messing about in Engrave mode, it turns out that what I do on the first few pages actually propagates on the next few, needing only a little adjustment after that. Better than I thought… thank you!

Have you tried Layout Options>Brackets and Braces…?

And then adjusting in Engrave as needed?

Try using the Sub-brackets for adjacent violin players options at the bottom of the Brackets and Braces page of Layout Options.

I second Daniel’s point. The “sub-brackets for adjacent violin players” option is new in Dorico 5.x. Really complex divisis may still need custom brackets, but this new setting will get one closer before one has to make any manual changes.

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Thanks to you both for the suggestion - I will have to try that out once I figure out how to pay for my Dorico 5 upgrade (the FastSpring people still haven’t fixed my problem, ugh…)