Vocabular Vacation EP

I have released a new EP on the 2nd March, a collection of the instrumentals I have shared recently. All produced on Cubase 11 Pro. I am looking forward to producing with Cubase 12 Pro and hoping for the best!


Deangersmith · Vocabular Vacation
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Excellent instrumental…very atmospheric and you keep it interesting right through to the end…FAB!!

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Thank you for listening to it and for the compliment :slight_smile:

So good. Just listened to the whole thing, although I think I heard them all here before. My favorite is Rosettenville Veranda 1980. Did you play that lefty Epiphone SG on all these tracks? Guitar sounds fabulous. I assume the drums were a VST?

Where does this go next? How are you promoting it?

Congratulations to you!

Thanks Early, I played a few different guitars on these tracks, didn’t use the epiphone on any of them haha, I used a G&L Legacy, a home build Ibanez jem & prestige, a Dean ML and a EVH Wolfgang and a Aria Pro II for the electric stuff. For Rosettenville Veranda I used a Simon & Patrick SP6 for the acoustic parts. Yes the drums on all the tracks I used BFD3 which in my opinion is the best there is as far as VST drums go, unbeatable.

At the moment it’s only getting a little promo on social media sites and my own site, As well as on all the usual platforms. As for next, I would like to do a follow up or part 2 sometime this year, right now I am trying to sort out my pc and update all my software before I can continue with anything else. Thanks for listening to it and for the kind words :slight_smile:

I was happy to hear the other tracks I might’ve missed before. It all sounds good, and was nicely recorded. Good luck with it all!
John (your fellow lefy guitarist, if I remember correctly)

Thanks John, yes fellow lefty I am, I just purchased a Lefty Les Paul Traditional, can’t wait to play it this week :slight_smile: