Vocal/Audio slow down

hi i am trying to create this effect in cubase, is it possible please?

in this video the OP has faded out the audio, curved the marker and then slowed the whole audio down for that section, start the vid at 1:36 until 2:25

Can this be done in CB? or do you know of a plugin that would do it?

thank you so much :slight_smile:


And yes there are many plugins too if you want the easy (but less configurable) way…searching tape stop or turntable stop in your favourite search engine will find some options you can try.

Thx Grim, thats exactly what i want, but i think he/she did this in pro tools, does cb have the same tools to create the effect?

but i think he/she did this in pro tools

You are mistaken.

Yep it was cubase 5…

Loopmash FX can do this too

the vid is 5 years old, things and functions have changed in 8?

Have you looked and tried for yourself? or given Loopmash FX a go… it’ll do just that but with a plugin…

just tried it in LFX but the fx when released (tapestop1) appears to miss the next beat and jumps forward in the audio, so would i have to splice the fx audio and then resplice them into the original audio to maintain the flow?
(splice lol old tape school lol)