Vocal Chain (Cubase 13 PRO) in Wavelab

I just upgraded Cubase 12 PRO to Cubase 13 PRO and I’m thrilled by the new Vocal Chain. It’s absolutely great.

I also use Wavelab Elements 11 but I can’t add the vocal chain plugin to the effects session.

Is there a way to achieve that?

Good question. That plugin could be specific to Cubase, like others are and have been in the past. It would be great, however, if Steinberg plugins showed up in all their various DAWs. I was successful once in getting a couple of Wavelab plugins to show up in Cubase, but I had to copy them over to a specific folder…

No. Not possible.

The Vocalchain plugin is specific to Cubase 13 along with other newly introduced plugins. Not available to use directly in other Steinberg products ie Wavelab Pro 11 or SpectralLayers Pro 10 standalone. (Although whether possible using SL Pro 10 via ARA not looked at)
Wonder if Steinberg will look at this in due course. With a hack it might be usable in Cubase 12 as C12 shares similar file structures with C13.

select the audiofile in cubase and go audio → edit in wavelab was my choice,
but i have wl pro and c pro