Vocal delay processing question?

Hello Cubasers, little dilemma here of ‘what to do next’…

I have been working on a track that requires repeating echoes on the lead vocal on certain words only and when I sing it live, I want the echoes on the backing track for ease of performance. I have recorded the words that need echoes on their own track and inserted a delay plug-in with the ‘mix’ set to 100 (delay only) and this sounds good. So, I’d like to commit those echoes to a recorded track rather than have the CPU working so hard. How do I do this? Do I solo the track, export and then re-import into the project? Or?

As you can tell, I have never needed to do this and I am confused as to the best way…


You could freeze the track, that might be quicker in this case.
But an export and reimport also works.

Yeah, I kind of figured that would be the case. I think that there is an option during export to automatically drop the resulting track back into the project.