vocal effects plug ins

  1. I want to add vocal effects like chorus, reverb, and delay to my vocal track I created. How can I do that?

  2. I’ve got a motif xs8 and I have both AI4 (which I’ve already loaded into my computer) and LE5. What is the difference between the two programs? Does one have more vocal effects or instrument vst plug-ins than the other?

  3. Can I use VST plugins from other programs I have and if so, how?

Thanks. I’m a complete newbie so I really appreciate the help.

Only one thread beneath yours…

As a total beginner you should really devote some time to reading the getting started portion of the manual under help in the program.
It is by far the best way to start to understand what you have to do and will help in future when posting questions.

Yes you can use vst plugins in all programs that allow.