VOCAL HARMONIES: Would Like Experienced Production Input

Before I get into the question itself. I usually only post in the Cubase section for that’s my DAW. This is my first in the Lounge so I need to be clear:

First, I’ve read the 10 y.o. sticky about posting outside links and copyrights. It seems dated and I’m a stickler for copyrights. I can’t ask for input/advice without giving a specific reference example.

Second, the link below to said example is not to some user upload of a song, it is to the artist’s official YouTube channel of the song. I’ve also included their own copyrights notice under the excerpt of the part of the song I wish to address.

So there should be no ethical or legal issue.
But if there is, please do a YouTube search for:

Song: Under The Sun
Artist: Highasakiteband

Start of chorus part of this posting: +/-: 2:33 min. in

This young Swedish artist’s song includes what one could categorize as a very “ABBA”-like vocal harmony in the chorus. Her partner is male, and the harmonies are primarily female but with possible subtle background male (not sure ABBA used that technique or not since their band was two females, two males).

I’ve got a good ear, but not perfect pitch or enough experience to distinguish how many or what harmonies there are or how they are done (octaves, 3rds, 5ths or ?)

The song is a slow groove/ballad type with minimalist arrangement, so it should be relatively easy for you to hear what is going one with the harmonies.

This harmonic technique can also be applied to instruments – such as pads, etc. - and so it would be useful in those areas too.

Here is a breakdown of the closing and outro part starting at about 2:33 minutes in. The one bracketed with “***” is what I’m interested in.

---- First chorus, no harmony

---- Second chorus, single harmony

---- *** Third chorus x 3, full harmonies ***

---- Outro choruses, return to no harmony

And say it isn’t that hard
No matter what you say, it’s sounding like a lie
Save a place for me under the sun

Under The Sun ℗ 2020 Propeller Recordings Released on: January 24, 2020.
Composer, Writer: Ingrid Helene Håvik

“Under The Sun” by Highasakite

Bump. Thanks.