Vocal Mixing: Tune+ & Tune -down : How to achieve?

I read this vocal mixing technique from Bobby O’s website at


The lead vocal has an interesting modulation effect supplied by an > Eventide 949 Harmonizer. > It’s a trick we used to use on a vocalist with pitch problems where you tune one channel up a few cents and the other down a few cents. That spreads the vocals out a bit across the stereo spectrum, gives the impression of a double, and makes you forget all about any pitch problems that might be occurring. Listen - it works!

How would be the best way of achieving this in Cubase 7 ?

thanks all!

Assuming you have a mono vocal recording… make a copy of the vocal track and then pitch shift one of them up a bit (let’s say about 6 cents) and one of them down by the same amount and one of the tracks left and one to the right -I wouldn’t suggest panning hard left/right -just experiement but maybe around 50.

I often use this technique but I will tend to have the original non-picth shifted vocal panned in the centre and then two pictch shifted copies panned left and right at around 6-9dBs lower. I will then delay each copy by a very small amount (different amount for each one). Gives a nice stereo spread to the vocal.


Anyone know of a plugin that would do that?

What about Waves Doubler or Nomad Factory Mod ?

Yes, Waves Doubler does pretty much this exact process.

Cloner, Vari Audio and Pitch Correct :open_mouth: