Vocal Output

Hi friends,
I have recently started recording some cover songs on karaoke tracks. I tried with mono vocal input track as well as stereo input, either way I only get vocal comes out of left side of headphone or monitor. I can hear the reverb and delay effects on the right side but not the actual vocal.

I am new to this, so any suggestions would be appreciated.


When recording a mono source to a stereo buss Cubase will only play it back on the left side. So… make sure that the input buss that is associated to where your mic is plugged into is set as a mono buss. You can assign that mono buss as the input source to a mono or stereo audio track and it will work. However, I suggest to record it to a stereo track though.

Also… You should always list your system and software specs to get the best answers. :wink:

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Thanks Prock for your quick response, I will give that a go and let you know if any issue. Can’t believe you are from Connecticut. I have lived in south norwalk for about a year, long time ago though.


Hope I helped but feel free to report more issues or if you need further assistance.

For some reason you left Ct. My guess… the cost of living is too high. :wink:

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It worked the way you advised. I had been creating a stereo track instead of mono and that was the problem. My bad!
Your assistance is really appreciated Prockstudio.
I was there just for a year and cost of living was much cheaper than where I actually live, Sydney, Australia. It’s way to expensive here :slight_smile:

Glad it is sorted out. :wink:

More expensive than CT… WOW!

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