Vocal range indicators

Daniel has provided a lovely example of an ‘incipit’ (prefatory staves that show original clefs, key sig and time) for editions of Early Music, for which I’m very grateful.

However, I’m wanting to add vocal range indicators. I’ve created a bar in 1/4, and created a ‘chord’. Ideally, I’d like to get rid of the stems, though I’m not sure that’s possible yet. And I’d also like to exclude the bar from the bar number count, if possible.

Screenshot 2.png

Dear Ben,
You can get rid of the stems very easily in Dorico Pro 2 : it’s in the properties panel.
And when you select the notes and click-right, you’ll find there’s a Bar Numbers > Add Bar number change option that allows you many things, like “don’t include”.
Hope it helps !

That’s great. Thanks. I knew it would be there somewhere.