Vocal Recording Issue and latency

Hi guys,
I’ve had this recording problem with Cubase since 2 years ago. When I record the vocal, I get this harshness in high frequencies and the voice is not as fat and big anymore. It needs a lot of deessing and other processing to get rid of that harshness. The problem went away about a year ago for a short period of time but I think it came back when I opened one of my old projects. Other than the recording issue I think the whole project sounds different too (a bit more mono sounding). Also I’m getting a bit of latency while recording (which I was not getting before). I changed my mic and cables and even the room I’m recording in, but it’s still there.
Here is my setup:
Windows 7 64bit
intel core i7
16 gigs ram
cubase 8
RME UFX (audio interface)
I really appreciate any kind of advice