Vocal recording technique question

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Just wondering, if I was to fabricate a Mic mount for 2 condenser mics, so they were close and pretty much unified in location, running them thru 2 separate mic pres, both with phase switches, and then recorded to 2 separate tracks, do you think it would work ?
Are there any major problems I would face ?

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It should work with no issues. I’ve done similar recording through (2) separate mono buses to (2) separate stereo audio tracks (my preference is to record to a stereo audio track but, it could have been to (2) separate mono audio tracks) and I have recorded (2) mics through (1) stereo configured bus to (1) stereo audio track too. It may be necessary to switch phases but, I don’t find that it is always necessary.

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Hey Prock,

Thanks for the reply. I was concerned about some kind of mysterious issue that would screw things up, phase or otherwise.

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You will hear it, and you can always offset one microphone track, till they line up.
I often record with a ribbon and a LDC combo, the ribbon is placed further back because of its proximity effect.
It is easy enough to align them with a pair of headphones.

Hey Peakae,
I know what you mean about dragging a track afterwards so that they line up, but you mentioned about correcting the issue beforehand with headphones, before tracking ?
How do you do that, and what are you looking for in the phones ? Do you hard pan for clarity ???

So for the corrections it seems that you nudge one of the Mics forward or back a little ?

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Here’s an article with some info about stereo pair positioning techniques. It might help in how you fabricate your mount in relationship to the mics you intend to use.


Thanks Weasel, that does help.
Gonna’ be a lot of trial and error here.


I usually record songs using two vocal mics to start off with to find out which is best suited to the song.
I’m actually using a dynamic and a condenser.
I don’t think I’ve ever used both in the final mix at full volume but one thing you do have to careful with if you are wanting to use them both is to keep absolutely still. I tend to move around a bit when “singing” and it is surprising how little movement can take the signals out of phase (or more/less out of phase). This can’t be so easily corrected without chopping the track up into piece and moving each one. Get a head vice!

Yes moving the mic. position back and forth, or after recording the track time position.
Headphones and tracks Pan center, listen for phasing and comb filter fx.
You could Reverse the phase of one of the channels, but I find it easier just to listen for the best sounding spot.
On voice I almost always use just one of the two, the best sounding one :slight_smile:
But I have used a ribbon and only the top sparkle from a LDC to make the vocals open up.
Also one thing to try, for example only use 0 to 1000 Hz from one mic. And 1000 to 20000 Hz from the other.
Now apply different plugins to each one, and you can have a lot more control of dynamics and avoid muddy sounding reverbs.
Sure, takes a little time to dial in. I would recommend saving plugin chains for later use, once you have figured out what works.

Thanks Guys, really appreciate the feedback.
I’d like to try a blend of the mono tracks to find the sweet spot.

I’m thinking of setting up the mics, record a short test, examine the clips in my Daw, and nudge one of the mics forward or back till I get a test where the clips will then line up.

Also thinking of slightly angling the Mics toward the back center of my pop filter, about 6" from the back, and then try to keep myself centered and somewhat stationary at the front center.

Thanks again for the feedback.