Vocal Score Custom Layout

I have a score containing brass, percussion, SATB choir, soloists and organ. I have created a Piano Reduction player in order to make a Vocal Score containing choir, soloists and piano using a Custom Score Layout. Having unchecked the Piano Reduction player from my Full Score Layout (as it is not required it in the Full Score) it then disappears from the Vocal Score (Custom Layout). The only way to keep it in the Vocal Score is to have it in the Full Score also. Am I doing something wrong?

Possibly in setup mode both scores are selected on the right hand side of the screen?

Yes, make sure that the custom layout is the only thing selected in the Layouts panel, so that it’s bright blue, and you should then be able to check or uncheck the checkbox for the piano reduction player in the Players panel.

I generally use the (original) full score as a non-printing (barely formatted) safety backup and then make both a Piano/Vocal part layout and a “Conductor” layout using the full score Master Pages and include everything except the piano reduction.

Thank you, that has worked.