Vocal Tuning question

I love the new feature where I can have multiple sample editors up when tuning background vocals.

Is there a way to select 3 at a time, and have the pitch and warp function apply to all 3?

Haven’t tried but I’ll bet not. If I understand, you want to process 3 audio tracks at the same time? If so maybe first bounce the 3 into 1 then process the resulting single. I’ll bet the results would be strange.

But if you mean to independently process 3 tracks simultaneously, then, why?

I have 3 background vocal tracks that I need to tune.

With the new version we can see all 3 in the tuning window, they are stacked behind one another.

I want to have all of them follow the pitch and warp when pressed. Not just the one I see.

That way I can start editing right away rather than opening each screen and pressing the button.

I have not seen that feature. Is it three wav tracks your seeing? If so I expect they would be defined somehow, not an exact match. Can you choose which one to have on top from inside the tuning window?

If you double click on 3 .wav files, preferrably vocals…they will all show up in the sample editor window.
In the top left of the window you can select which one you would like to edit…the rest show up underneath and are select-able, but as I said they do not all let you adjust them until you hit the button to analyze the audio.

I didn’t know this was a new feature. I’ve been doing this for ages and while there is no way to edit/vari audio the tracks at the same time, it can help immensely to set up key commands for “Activate Next Part” and “Activate Previous Part.” Saves so much time. Also, I like to have the tracks set with different colors and the color selector drop down set to “auto” in the editor window. This helps keep the tracks sorted by color in the editor.

There is a button you can click so it does exactly what I want!!! Awesome