slightly off topic but someone may know the answer.

I have a recording of a singer songwriter. He played and sang really quiet so I had to crank the preamps on my interface somewhat to get a good level.

when compared to recordings of more standard singers/performers of his ilk the track sounds much more full and analog (probably due to hiss, mic noise being increased etc)

I know some people would not favor these artifacts, however, given the style of music I feel it sounds nice.

My question is: How can I get this sound on standard/louder performers? The tracks are too clean and usually require lots of tape saturation/compression to get ‘that’ sound.

any thoughts?

Can you send me the vocal info at nlsmusic.nl maybe I can do some magic :wink:

You could try using the pad on your mic so you need more preamp gain - you could also invest in a tube pre that allows you to push the input and get some crackle on the way in.

You could also experiment with different mics - something like an SM7 needs a load of gain, and if you were to run that through a pushed tube pre you’d get towards a really nice sound.