VocalChain Voiceover/Actor presets?


I really like the new VocalChain VST that comes with Cubase 13. I have also tried Izotope Nectar and quite like it. I particularly liked the Voiceover/Actor presets and found them to be a very effective starting point.
VocalChain has a great set of features which can be used in other areas apart from singing and I’m wondering if some Voiceover/Actor presets could be added please?

When it comes to certain audio processing tools such as EQs and compressors, presets makes little sense. Those tools need to be set for the specific material they are processing which will be wildly different depending on vocal range and timbre, the microphone used to record it and the distance to the mic, and so on… Presets for EQ and dynamics processing is therefor pretty much snake oil.
I can only recommend that you learn how these tools work and how to apply them to get the result you are after. Once you get there, you will be happy that you did.

Sorry if I’m being daft but I don’t see any Voiceover presets that begin with VO?

Sorry. I must have made a mistake.

Agree with this 1,000%.

Depending on the specific audio content, these presets can easily make things sound worse while passing itself off as an improvement. But even worse they discourage folks from learning how to properly use the tools and their ears. Even as a ‘starting point’ they make a lot of assumptions.

The best starting point for EQs & Compressors is flat - doing nothing. Then listen & decide why something needs to be changed and how you want to do it.