Vocalic 3 Editor for Cubase...on Cubase 8?

Basically I stashed my copy of “Vocaloid Editor for Cubase NEO” and its partnering IA libraries away a while back because I had no cubase and no idea how to install/use any of it anyway.
Now it’s 2016, I have Cubase 8(.5?) Artist, but I still have little idea of how this all works together, and I can’t seem to find anything truly helpful online.

Can anyone tell me:

  • Will the Cubase editor work on Cubase 8/8.5, or do I now need a Vocaloid4 editor?
  • If my NEO editor (vocaloid3) isn’t compatible and I somehow get my hands on a copy of the V4 editor, will I ever be able to use my vocaloid3 libraries?

I’m at a loss as to where I should be posting this question. If someone can even direct me to a site where I’d be better suited to ask, that would be greatly appreciated.