Vocalign Ability

I’ve been researching Vocalign (and trying to find something cheaper) and was wondering if Cubase 5 already has this ability and I just don’t know how to use it? I mostly record vocals and would like to be able to apply the information (stops, starts, etc.) from the lead vocal to the backing vocals to the time of going through each vocal part (I stack my parts) and trimming/fading. Vocalign does this but I’m hoping there’s a cheaper option. Any suggestions?

Don’t know exactly what you’re describing but Cubase can edit your vocals to start, stop, fade, trim, pitch change, time stretch etc. It’s a different process than Vocalign and may not be as quick for aligning. You then should ask yourself if the price justifies a little more expedience.

If you mean doing everything manually like I have in the past, listening to the lead while editing one BGV at a time, I would find another program to be a better solution. I’m currently looking into the upgrade to C7 and wondering if that’s any better.

Here’s what CB7’s Variaudio boasts:

"The seamless integration with the newly introduced Chord Track ensures correct pitch to your harmonies at all times. This interaction also lets you harmonize your lead vocals in beautifully composed choral arrangements: the brilliant new spread function adds soprano, alt, tenor and bass voices on new tracks with by-the-book harmonic lead voicing.

Talking about multiple tracks, you’ll be glad to know that the days when you manually aligned editor windows under each other are finally over. Now you can smartly edit multiple VariAudio parts across multiple tracks within one editor only!

And let’s not stop here: the VariAudio vocal toolset has further been refined with an enhanced note-detection algorithm, leaving really no more wishes open. And yes, the popular autotuning effect is no big deal for VariAudio!"

Hmm…so it sounds like it’s not as fast as Vocalign, but not nearly as slow as the old days. Might be worth the upgrade since I got other things included and not JUST a vocal aligning program. Thanks!

Hey mysterite - if you get vocalign post back please … the youtubes make it look pretty untouchable by other software, wondering if anything can really be that good without a downside.