vocalign and cubendo!!

Just got the vocalign demo after watching some protools+vocalign vids on YouTube…
Try that with nuendo 6.5 and its totally different experience for the bad… How come the workfloow with cubendo is so difficult and in protools its just great integrated?!! :cry:

Is it because SynchroArts optimized it for PT?

I know that’s the case for Vocalign’s big brother, RevoicePro, there are lots transfer to/from DAW options available in PT but not Cubase. But even though it might not be as slick as PT, using RVP in Cubase isn’t that clunky at all, IMO.

What part is frustrating you?

Well the workflow of course… In cubase you need to insert vocalign to track,then side chain it to the guide track, then capture it,then export it.and now imagine on lots of tracks and segments.!! In protools from vids I saw its just a breeze…!!

Yeah, I see what you mean. I only have small projects, so it’s not as much of a big deal. RVP does have drag and drop functionality, but even still, I can see where that would get old in a larger project.

On the bright side of life … even the way it is, it still saves aeons of time compared to “manually” doing it!

I think Steinberg needs to improve 3rd party integration. Melodyne ARA?