Vocalign type of tool

As adr functionality is soooo great allready what would make it perfect? A vocalign type of tool that would let us sync adr takes perfectly with guide track.
How about?
Bye / Tumppi

I will personally see to it.


Cool :sunglasses:




+1 Sonar can do this:

Yes please :slight_smile:

I would really like to see it and I think in music, where you really have a beat and a sense of bpm, it would make sense. I don’t know how a voice-over track would sound like, though.

Vocalign for Sonar demos this feature with a video of the same guy singing. If you have a guide track by somebody else who speaks totally differently, maybe even another accent, how should it line up? And wouldn’t it sound weird if an original performance maybe has the same length, but different words are spoken differently in speed and Vocalign would chop up words and speeds for every syllable? I cannot imagine how this would work and sound great at the same time.

But I’d be in for it :slight_smile:

Hi ChrisPolus,
yes, this tools is just for tracks, who have nearly the same conent. :wink:


Vocalign is a great tool for syncing adr:ed lines to production sound. So the content is kinda the same :wink:
You can’t push it too far, that is obvious. But anyways this is why we may have to record many adr takes to get one that is already very close.
Why not just use vocalign then?
To me the workflow with Nuendo is just way too complicated… In PT it is very simple and easy…

That’s it.

Good Idea!!

Vocalign does ARA now.

That’s great.

Really cool, but I guess that means Studio One only. Is ARA a free technology that any DAW could implement? Or is this PreSonus only?

It’s a free technology standard (just like vst) from Celemony the makers of Melodyne.
Steinberg would rather shoot themselves in the foot than supporting other people’s open standards. It’s really a shame given that OSC support would be so much better than their generic midi remote as well.

We’ll see what Cubase 9 brings this xmas.