VocALine vs. Nuendo

I am an intern at Big K’s studio. I was granted to use his forum ID.
I would like to ask your advice about synchronizing lead and backing vocals.
Is this VocALign software actually better than the similar function in Nuendo?
Is it comparable, at all? I ask because there is a job coming my way where I need such a tool.
Thank you.
Alfred Reimer

Last time I checked Nuendo was not producing anything remotely useful, I think it might have been broken in a release …I remember my initial tests being better.

ReVoice Pro works well (I am working on a puppet production with all actors and puppets. 100 per cent ADRed voices at the moment and it works wonders.)
If it sounds bad it usually does not to detect “s” correctly and acidentally tries to stretch them, that can sound really ridiculous.
Apart from that I am pretty impressed with the terrible quality audio it accepts as sync source. Of course integration in Nuendo is annoying at the moment.

My experience is that Nuendos build in audio align is quite good and certainly worth trying.

Definitely not as good as revoice pro. However, I have used nuendos when it wasn’t so critical (my own project) and it worked ok. Hey, it’s included so what’s there to complain about?

Hi Chaps…
Thanks for helping out Alfred with his question.
I was gone for some days and had no idea what he was looking for.
I have Revoice Pro on another machine for getting aquainted to…lol… and he couldn’t know that.
He is happy now and can find out by himself which is suiting him best…
Servus, Big K