Vocaloid Editor for Cubase

I was thinking about experimenting with vocaloid software but living in the U.S. it seems most is made in Japan, typically with manuals in Japanese.

Does anyone have any experience with this particular product, or have recommendations on good vocaloid software that plays nice with Cubase / Windows 7?

I have been using Vocaloid ever since it first came out, the only snag is that here in the UK, the Vocaloid editor for Cubase is not available, so I use the standalone version and import MIDIfiles into it and export the wav file back to Cubase. Just make sure you buy English language Vocaloids, and that they are compatible with the latest Voclaoid 4,
Vocaloid “Daina” and “DEX” are the lastest English versions from Zero G

Thanks, Andy.

I read somewhere that the documentation is not in English, only Japanese. Is that accurate or is there now English help available as well?

After countless Google adventures I still can’t determine if there’s a version of the editor for Cubase in English, so I went your route and ordered the standalone Vocaloid 4 editor and am giving their Cyber Diva voice bank a try.

Thanks for the feedback on your own experience, much appreciated.

The editor and its documentation is available in english. A big company like Yamaha would never sell it in an american store if it was only available in japanese.



Thanks for the links. Have you purchased the English version of Editor for Cubase?

I haven’t yet, but it’s definitely in english. If you bought the download version you might be able to ask for a refund.

I have and it integrates pretty well within Cubase. You can even set up Cubase Key Commands for Vocaloid functions. I find it’s easier to enter the lyrics using the Cubase Score Editor than within Vocaloid itself. At first these will only show up as the default sound on everything. But open the 1st syllable in the Vocaloid editor & hitting enter will cause it to convert all the text.

There are several Vocaloid threads on this forum with useful tips.

Zero-G has some good English libraries. https://zero-g.co.uk/collections/vocal

I could find confirmation on Yamaha’s site and other places that the standalone editor was available in Japanese and English, and that you simply selected English when you were installing.

However, there’s only a “-” for language on the Editor for Cubase page, and there were complaints on Amazon that it was only Japanese.

Did you buy a dedicated English version, or is there only one version and you select the language when running the installer?

The reviews are from before Yamaha officially released an english version, so of course it was going to be in japanese.

I got it awhile back, so I don’t recall all the details. Also traveling so I can’t check stuff at home. I probably got it from Zero-G or Yahama/Vocaloid. I’ve had it since Vocaloid 2, so could have been some upgrade offer too. Don’t remember but not from Amazon. Don’t recall if it was an English version or a choice at install (would check if home), but there is no problem with the language.

Poking around, I just found where I bought it.

Being able to integrate it with Cubase is very useful.

Thanks, Rodger.

I’d already ordered the standalone version but will probably get the Cubase editor as well once I’ve played with it for a bit. Their licensing is a bit strict allowing only one machine per purchase, so I can do work on the standalone in my B room and keep the Cubase editor in the control room.

I also took your advice and gave Zero-G a try. Cyber Diva is shipping physically from Japan so it’ll be another week. Zero-G is a download, so I can be working with Daina while waiting for the other (standalone editor was Amazon Prime and will be here tomorrow). I also have harmonies in mind so it will be good to have two separate voices.

Forgot to thank you for taking the time to help. I was focusing on Rodger’s input because I was looking for someone who’d actually been using it, but I appreciate your thoughts as well.

For anyone who finds this thread with the same questions I had, here’s how it all worked out.

Based on the feedback I got here, I ordered the Editor for Cubase, which was a download. It is in fact dual language Japanese / English and since I bought it from the US site link from Romantique above, it defaulted to English when I ran setup. I’m returning the standalone version I ordered, unopened, as the Cubase editor is nicely integrated so there’s no need for the other. A $5 learning experience for return shipping, which I can live with. The Cyber Diva voice bank shipped from Japan and will be here next week.

There was initially an exception thrown when I ran it due to the need for a couple of KB patches to Windows 7 detailed on the vocaloid site. Once I installed the patch and the Daina voice bank library, everything came up and is operating as expected.

Thanks again for the help on this, guys. Now comes the learning curve. :slight_smile:

Here’s a duet using (if I recall) Daina & Dex


Cool stuff. Is that you?

Well I am on the instruments but the singing is all Vocaloid.

In fairness, I didn’t really envision you as a 12 year old girl with a robotic voice. :slight_smile:

OK, here’s one featuring Vocaloid - three Vocaloids actually


all done using a single modular system and Vocaloid

You guys are doing some pretty cool stuff.

And that’s some seriously geeky gear, Andy. :slight_smile: